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We Deliver Our Best Service in Data Recovery

Did your CF (Compact Flash) card become corrupted, or isn’t working? Have you formatted or deleted photos or videos from the CF card? RDR Data Recovery offers CF Card Data recovery Service with the latest equipment and experience to recover your data .

Our Services

Physical Services

Compact flash card physical failures

A damaged or corrupted controller chip is one of the most common physical failures. About 80% of the cards we receive with physical damages have a controller chip problem. Call us for immediate assistance when your CF card suffers any physical failure.

  • Does not get recognized by camera or computer
  • Controller chip failure
  • Card shows the wrong capacity
  • Damaged/bent pins
  • Bad blocks on flash memory
  • Water/fire damage
  • Overheated and gave an error message
  • Mac or Windows does not allow copy files off the card
Our Services

Logical Services

Compact flash card logical failures

Possibility of failure is if you moved your CF card when operations were still running, which could result in data loss. In some cases, recording on a low battery may corrupt files. Whatever the case, if you don’t have a backup of your precious data, call us so we can help.

  • Corruption due to the CF card being pulled out while the device is on
  • Error message during recording
  • Deleting files
  • Formatting CF card by mistake
  • Corruption due to taking pictures or videos on a low battery
  • Formatting CF card by mistake
  • Data shows only partially
  • Corrupted and asks to be formatted

What is inside of a CF card?

  • PCB (Printed circut board) – connects the electronic components of the CF card together using condictuve tracks.
  • Controller – Passes data between data interface and memory chips.
  • Memory chips – place where all data is stored.

How to improve chances of recovery?

When you plug your CF card into the reader and operation system asking to format or initialize it – don’t do it. Formatting or initializing can make the Data Recovery process significantly more complicated, and you don’t want to lose your chance to recover your files. Don’t try to fix your CF card using “First Aid” in MAC or check disk in Windows. MAC or Windows are not designed to recover lost data. Their main task is to make the device work again while forgetting about essential data. If you deleted or formatted your card, don’t take any new pictures or videos. New files will overwrite sectors that contain data that you are trying to recover.

Data Recovery Services

we understand that losing critical data can be an incredibly stressful and emotional experience. The latest CFexpress cards are robust and reliable, but no card can guarantee data loss protection. Even if CFexpress cards are new in the market, our professional and highly skilled Data Recovery team stays up-to-date with every technological development. We are committed to ensuring that your entire data recovery process is clear, informative, and stress-free.

There are various situations that lead to data loss such as physically damaged cards, accidentally deleting data, formatting the card, or file corruption. No matter why or how you’ve lost you lost your data, we can recover CFexpress data in all possible situations. As an experienced CFexpress Card Data recovery Service with the highest success rate in the industry, we use the most sophisticated methods and keep up with the latest innovations.

CF card brands, we recover Though SanDisk was the first manufacturer of CF cards. Other companies like Lexar, Sony, and Nikon have also begun producing their own. We work with brands including, but not limited to: SanDisk Lexar Transcend Canon FujiFilm Maxell Kingston Kodak Silicon Power Memorex Olympus Panasonic Samsung Sony Toshiba Verbatim PixelFlash

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