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XQD Card Data Recovery


We Deliver Our Best Service in Data Recovery

Your card is not showing up in the camera or computer? You receive an error message stating “card cannot be accessed” or “reinsert/ format card”? It means that your card is corrupted. If you can’t access data on your XQD card, contact us! We are a professional data recovery company offering XQD card data recovery service.

Customer Technical Support

As a customer-centric company, we are available to answer all your queries related to data loss. Our professional and polite staff will provide you with assistance before, during, and after the data recovery service.

XQD card data loss reasons

There are a number of other reasons which result in the loss of precious data from XQD cards, such as-

  • Using the camera during low battery or frequent power surge
  • Physical damage like a heavy drop or water drowning
  • Abrupt removal of the XQD card from the camera or computer without a safe ejection
  • Accidentally deleting files from an XQD card while working on either camera or computer.
  • Performing complete formatting of XQD card
  • Virus infection due to using the card across multiple digital devices

What is an XQD card?

XQD is a media card format that is superior to CF technology in terms of writing speed, transfer speed, and large storage space. This card was designed to be a successor to the CompactFlash card. XQD cards are found in several professional high-end cameras like Nikon and Sony. The XQD slots feature is available in Nikon D4 and D4s, D5, D850, the APS-C format D500, and the new Nikon Z7. As compared to other available card formats, XQD cards have a somewhat different physical appearance. The main feature of this card format is the writing speed— a theoretical max speed of 1 GB per second. It is the blazing-fast read/write speeds and high capacity storage that makes XQD format popular among videographers and photographers. This card has a maximum storage capacity of over 2 TB- perfect for storing large amounts of RAW NEF files and/or video files. It also offers quick transfer rates from card to computer.

XQD cards are designed to be fast and physically robust. This card can work in all kinds of climate conditions and has robust protection from corruption and failure. Although the chances of card failure are very low, you may lose data for one reason or another. we will first diagnose the issue and then make sure to have your precious Data Recovery from an XQD card.

Data Recovery Services

we understand that losing critical data can be an incredibly stressful and emotional experience. The latest CFexpress cards are robust and reliable, but no card can guarantee data loss protection. Even if CFexpress cards are new in the market, our professional and highly skilled Data Recovery team stays up-to-date with every technological development. We are committed to ensuring that your entire data recovery process is clear, informative, and stress-free.

There are various situations that lead to data loss such as physically damaged cards, accidentally deleting data, formatting the card, or file corruption. No matter why or how you’ve lost you lost your data, we can recover CFexpress data in all possible situations. As an experienced CFexpress Card Data recovery Service with the highest success rate in the industry,

We are a reliable & dependable data recovery service provider, whom you can trust. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a brand you can trust with your critical data. This trust comes from our transparent data recovery approach to every lost data case. At RDR Harddisk Data Recovery, we have qualified data recovery experts, advanced tools, state-of-art laboratories, as well as an in-house research and development team. For XQD card data loss, we have an excellent track record of recovering most of the lost data. We have become one of the leading Data Recovery Companies because of our high success rate, affordable pricing, and quick results. We are trusted by hundreds of XQD card users for recovering data from simple to complex cases.

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